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About Aims College of Business & Technology


Aims College of Business and Technology is a duly registered institution of higher learning by the Ministry of Education to provide alternatives in technical and vocational trainings. It is also registered by relevant bodies to offer training, capacity development, consultancy, operations research & business advisory services to professionals both locally and internationally.

The college is fully accredited and licensed by the following Authorities: 

  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA),
  • National Industrial Training Authority (NITA),
  • Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC),
  • Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM)
  • Human Resource Professionals Examinations Board (HRMPEB)
  • Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)
  • Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB)
  • Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM)

Aims college has more than five years’ consultancy experience providing tailor made professional corporate trainings, Organizational Development, Capacity Building, Evaluations and Human Resource Advisory Services to both private and government institutions, Non-governmental and Community Based Organizations both locally and internationally.

The college also offers trainings in different courses that lead to the award of Artisan, Craft certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma and CHRP certificates for successful candidates.

As Human Resources continue to take center stage in the search for performance development and productivity, AIMS College of Business and Technology continues to focus on practical techniques and skill-based trainings that can assist different institutions utilize their resources more effectively and efficiently.

Our main aim is therefore to improve quality and performance that may help organizations and their staffs have a well-designed management toolkit that may improve competency in this modern age characterized by a lot of technological advancements.


  • Providing Alternatives


  • Taking College Education to every person, family, work place and Organization


  • To provide access to college education, trainings, capacity development and consultancy services that enables every person develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve his professional goals, improve work productivity of his organization and offer significant leadership and service to his family and community.

Core Values

  • Commitment to serve
  • Efficiency in service delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Quality service
  • Teamwork

Our Culture

We believe that you cannot have great learning or build a great community without a strong and positive culture.

At AIMS College of Business and Technology all students, clients, experts, and staff live and learn by the following six cultural principles:

  • Joy of Learning: We are life-long learners, and we are fueled by curiosity and discovery
  • Greater Together: We constantly support our teammates because we know that we can achieve more together.
  • Always Growing: We constantly seek out difficult challenges, share and receive feedback as a gift, and see every failure as an opportunity to
  • Servant Leadership: Great leaders always put others before themselves and engage their community with humility and generosity. We see leadership as a way of improving the world, not simply promoting ourselves
  • Solutions First: Everything is possible when we are creative and think critically about the problem. We are always thinking of new solutions when faced with difficult
  • High Expectations: We sweat the small stuff and take pride in what we do. We set goals that others think are impossible and never stop until we achieve

Code of Ethics

We assure all our Clients and stakeholders that we at AIMS College of Business and Technology are publicly committed to providing the highest quality work at any other time we shall have an engagement with them.

What we specialize in

Put it in an easy way, we specialize in the following:

  • Providing Technical and Vocational trainings
  • Human Resource Capacity Development
  • Consultancy services covering both soft and technical skills
  • Providing a wide range of courses pertinent to the human capital development of a highly performing organization.

Why we are Outstanding

  • The expert facilitators and trainers with us are first class consultants cutting across various sectors of the economy.
  • We conduct participant opinion reviews on all our trainings with a view to improving on quality and content as well as assessing the level of appreciation of the training.
  • As a group, we help you in providing hands-on solutions through practical information sharing to help solve day-to-day business challenges by developing your human capital, building their brands, advertising their image and marketing their products, placement and out placement, business re-engineering all with the help and guidance of our multifaceted
  • We are innovative, we are dynamic, we are solution based, and we are focused on producing results based on our motor: real life, real situation, and real results!

Why you should Choose Us as your training partner

We pride in the following:

  • Top class and expert trainers
  • Value added service
  • Training needs analysis before training
  • Excellent track record
  • Professional support
  • Professional coaching and consulting
  • Post-training professional support
  • Accelerated learning methods
  • Guarantee high-impact’, high-energy delivery. All trainings are attuned to market needs, preparing participants for current and future work challenges/
  • Reliability- we are in the business with you as your preferred long-term training partners when you could continue to count on us in time of

Benefits of our training programs

Our programs contents are customized to the exact requirements of the organizations.

  • The programs will be used to bring participants together from different departments resulting in a valuable opportunity for members of the organization to meet, exchange views, built on existing relationships and development new ideas. This is an essential part of creating or strengthening the organizations client- focused
  • Our training will be held at the location of maximum convenience to the organization.
  • The initial period of training/consultation and program development ensures that problems are identified and solutions developed to fit the organization, and that the program is designed around your specific needs, strengths and comparative
  • The certificates we issue are recognized by the government of

Our Experience

Our facilitators have got enough experience within the profession and can give alternative solutions which management need now to conform with the changing needs in management consultancy, Information Technology and Institutional capacity building.

The facilitators are staffs as well as associates of AIMS College. They are well versed in their areas of profession with the current management needs and practices most organizations want today.