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From a humble beginning, ms Lile’s legancy as an entrepreneur and business consultant culminated in the established of quality care company limited. The company has curved a niche in the industry as one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of hygeiene and personal care brands in multiple countries. The entity has grown to vast business empire that matches global standards. The company holds a portfolio of over 300 brands varying from cosmeetics,dietary supplements and hand sanitizers. Among its flagship products in the cosmetic product line include sensi, Este and Aspice. It takes pride in its sale as each day, thousands of people consume its products across the globe. Diversity and inclusion has been part of the company’s core ethos since its inception.

 The founder is an outstanding entrepreneur, business consultant and a philanthropist, rated among the youngest business moguls in the country. She engages a variety of talents in different fields including media production, creative arts and human resource business consultancy. Ms Lile has played a significant role in shaping the minds of upcoming entrepreneurs through through herregular speeches in various seminars and symposiums. She is highly respected for championing the role of women, youth and other minority in social-economic development. Ms Lile is passionate in nurturing talent among members of these groups by encouraging them to venture into business where they not only thrive but also make a positive impact on the community. She often challenges potential entrepreneurs to explore their self-assessment technique, to unleash their potential.

At an early age , she opted for self-employment citing lack of gender sensitivity and inclusion at the work place. She has a deep passion for delivery and underscores, the importance of inclusion at all levels of enhancing corporate success. The philanthropist strongly believes that the woman should be willing to take risk and seek continuous improvement. To this end, she makes deliberate effort to empower women at the workplace by appointing them to leadership positions. She initiated the establishment of a Diversity Council to spearhead diversity and initiatives at all levels.

The entrepreneur views diversity and inclusion as a source of strength and stability which are tents for success and competitive advantage. She emphasizes the importance of work-life balance as an antecedent to career success. Ms Lile argues that to gain competitive advantage, organization should be keen to faster an entrepreneurial culture by maintaining a diverse workforce. She is of the strong view that each individual has a unique set knowledge, skills and competencies which contributes to business success. This philosophy is articulated in her series of publications.

The entrepreneur is also a trailblazer in publishing of journals and books. Key among her publications includes women in business; journal of management and innovative work Behavior. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and has taken significant strides to make remarkable contribution in entrepreneurship and human resource consultancy. She is the author of a popular autobiography which examines her entrepreneurial journey to successful business experiences. Her mantra is Focus on Operational Excellence.

Ms Lile is an adept organizer who utilizes skill and creative to exploit business opportunities. Her initiatives have led to establishment of structured development programmes which provides a mentoring and coaching platform for career and entrepreneurial development. The aim of the progrmme is to empower employees to not only grow in their career but unleash their true potential. Last year the company was recognized by Wrap Consulting Group for taking lead in employment and wealth creation in addition to being among the best employers in the country. In acknowledging the recognition, ms Lile said many entrepreneurs fail to define moments because they shy away from harnessing business opportunities. They fail to take risk and employ unsuitable techniques to undertake self-assessment. They are not keen to seek professional expertise in business and human capital management. As a result, they fail to scale or transit to the next level.

Her visionary leadership style has been instrumental in the company’s ability to maintain a stronghold in the region while leveraging on the benefits of continuous development and innovation. These capabilities were reflected in the company’s resilience on the on-set of the Coronavirus disease which impacted negatively on many business performances. The company revamped its vision, strategic objectives and core values to position itself appropriately in the light of changing circumstances.

Under Ms Lile’s leadership, the company has over the years made significant investment investment in research and cutting- edge digital technologies as part of its transformational process. The company has also been exploring opportunities to scale up business despite the effect of COVID -19 pandemic guided by the slogan; Every challenges is an opportunity. Without challenges, companies may never achieve their vision.

Question One

a) Analyze the factors that may have favored the establishment of Quality Care Company Limited                                                                                   (10)

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2. Question One

b) Evaluate the self-assessment techniques that can be used by the groups nurtured by Ms Lile                                                                                                       (10)

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3. Question One

c) To address the gender and inclusion gaps, the company established a Diversity Council at all levels. Outline other measures that have taken to address the gaps.(10)

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4. Question One

d) Analyze the characteristics of Ms Lile as an entrepreneurs                     (10)

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