Aims College of Business and Technology is a multi- disciplinary company, which provides professional services in various fields. Aims College has significant consulting experience in the following the areas:

  • organizational development,
  • capacity building,facilitation, evaluations, advocacy,
  • institutional development through capacity building for development agencies, community based organizations,
  • Project cycle management and community mobilization to advocate for their rights. Aims College associates include experts in evaluations,
  • governance, capacity development, negotiations, conflict transformations, leadership, team building, community organizing, human rights, civic education and social change program management. They have an impressive record of accomplishment in leading governance and human right programs, civic education, development and management. The associates have worked in these programs at both programming and implementation levels having worked with leading agencies in the region and internationally. Core skills include:
  • training and facilitation of human rights,
  • development and governance project cycle management
  • community development; participatory approaches;
  • development of performance and impact monitoring systems for social change programs;
  • strategic planning; leadership training and development;
  • Information, education and communication materials development for social change programs. Professional Services provided by Aims College can broadly be categorized into following Groups:

Financial Management & Corporate Consultancy

  • Financial and Management Services Including Management Information System. 
  • Due Diligence, Project Evaluation and Acquisition &Merger 
  • Capital/ Financial Restructuring/ Revival of Solvent Units 
  • Organization Set Up Studies and Corporate Strategy Development
  •  Feasibility Studies and Development of Project Business Plan 
  • Services to Foreign Investors 
  •  Formation of Companies Especially “Special Business” And NBFC.S Companies 
  • Accountancy, Internal Audits and Secretarial Services.

General Consultancy

 Aims College of Business and Technology provides service consultancies and expert professional advice in specific field (s) identified by the client based on client requirement and specifications. Consultancy service include

  •  Preparation of proposals
  • Development of operational frame works
  •  Conducting project Designs
  • Drafting of policy documents and Guidelines
  • Project Designs, Developing Concepts
  • Innovations, implementation Frameworks
  • Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks

Information Systems Consultancy

AIMS College is able to undertake:
• Structured Analysis / Design Techniques
• Structured Prototyping
• Evolutionary Systems and Management
• Strategic Business / Information Systems Planning We employ qualified network engineers to design, build and install your network, and we provide a range of products and services – including hardware, software, installation, training and support to make sure that the network you get is the right one for you.

Management Consultancy

Our consultants believe that successful companies of the future will be those that integrate business and employees personal value, companies that think a head of their customers and can design quality into service. We are committing ourselves to continuous Professional Development and the study of Management as an area that needs a wider scope of understanding.

  • Zero Based Analysis / Budgeting
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Customer Service Analysis
  • Quality management Systems
  •  Our Management Consultants look at the people issue, systems and training as solutions to most of the managerial challenges companies are experiencing in the 21st century.


Under Research, Aims College of Business and Technology undertakes knowledge based research works such as feasibility studies; baseline surveys midterm and end term evaluations. Aims College also undertakes operations research in key sectors of the economy such education, technology.

Human Resource Advisory Services

Aims College of Business and Technology is a specialist in human resource management services. The College undertakes the following HR services: Psychometric testing, job evaluations, talent management solutions, competence assessment, workforce analytics, workforce optimization and strategy, human resources audits and reviews. We also carry out organizational restructuring and re-engineering. These consulting services and smart tools allows for flexibility and adaptability for both volatility and growth in economy and organizational structure. Supporting a well-founded strategic approach to ensure that economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s human resource activity is clearly evidenced, reported and enhanced. Our HR advisory services are available locally directly from our team.

Consulting Fees

  • We will agree independently and in advance on the basis for our fees and expenses and charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept.
  • We will disclose to our clients in advance any fees or commissions that we expect to receive for equipment, supplies, or services we recommend to our clients.

Benefits of our training programmes

Our programmes contents are customized to the exact requirements of the organizations.

  •  The programmes will be used to bring participants together from different departments resulting in a valuable opportunity for members of the organization to meet, exchange views, built on existing relationships and development new ideas. This is an essential part of creating or strengthening the organizations client- focused culture.
  •  Our training will be held at the location of maximum convenience to the organization.
  • The initial period of training/consultation and programme development ensures that problems are identified and solutions developed to fit the organization, and that the programme is designed around your specific needs, strengths and comparative advantage.
  • The certificates we issue are recognized by the government of Kenya

Our Experience

Each member of our facilitators have got enough experience within the profession and can give alternative solutions which management need now to conform with the changing needs in management consultancy, Information Technology and Institutional capacity building. The facilitators are associates of AIMS College. They are well versed in their areas of profession with the current management needs and practices most organizations want today.

Training Delivery

Our programme are conducted to enable the participants develop and influence plans for future implementation, assisted by analysis of the process of change and guidance on strategic direction. We use case studies, group discussion and experimental methods to enhance and develop the competencies of the participants so that they could improve organization performance. The programme delivery reflects our expertise within institution capacity building and development, detailing a spectrum of strategy and skills based training for all staff. We also make follow ups to find out whether the participants are applying what they had learnt in the previous training/seminar at their places of work.