Our Consultancy Services


Aims College of Business and Technology is a multi- disciplinary institution, which provides professional services in various fields

Our experts have an impressive record of accomplishment in leading governance and human right programs, civic education, development and management. The associates have worked in these programs at both programming and implementation levels having worked with leading agencies in the region and internationally.

Professional Services provided by Aims College can be broadly categorized into the following Groups:

Training and Capacity Development

Training in KNEC programs, CHRP programs, KASNEB programs and professional courses such as Customer service, Accountancy, Business Administration, Leadership and Corporate Governance, Management is our main flagship areas. Over the years, Aims College of Business Technology has provided short course training and capacity building to County Governments, National Government, Non-Governmental Organizations and institutions across the country on Governance, leadership and Management Systems.

Aims College of Business and Technology provides tailor-made in –service courses, lasting for a few days to several weeks. The trainings are aimed at improving knowledge skills and competence that result in better performance and high productivity of professionals.

The courses offered are accredited and certified with relevant examination bodies’ organizations such as KNEC, NITA, HRMPEB, IHRM, and KASNEB among others and delivered by qualified professionals.

The training takes the form of classroom learning, webinar, seminars, workshops and symposia either on-site or at a mutually convenient site Agreeable to an organization.

Executive Development Training

We provide Executive education programs focusing on the most topical issues and new development to all organizations. Trainings are directed by experts at the forefront of their specialist areas with limited delegate attendance to encourage lively discussion and full delegate participation. Because of this, most participants find our trainings powerful with networking opportunity.

In- House Executive Development

In- house programs can be customized to the needs of an individual organization. The emphasis is on close consultation with the client organization to understand its strategy and culture identify its needs and assist in implementing solutions.

Financial Management & Corporate Consultancy

We provide Financial and Management Services Including:

  • Management Information System.
  • Due Diligence, Project Evaluation and Acquisition &Merger
  • Capital/Financial Restructuring/Revival of Solvent Units
  • Organization Set Up Studies and Corporate Strategy Development
  • Feasibility Studies and Development of Project Business Plan
  • Services to Foreign Investors
  • Formation of Companies Especially “Special Business” And NBFC.S Companies
  • Accountancy
  • Internal Audits
  • Secretarial Services.

General Consultancy

Aims College of Business and Technology provides service consultancies and expert professional advice in specific field (s) identified by the client based on client requirement and specifications. Consultancy service include:

  • Preparation of proposals
  • Development of operational frame works
  • Conducting project Designs
  • Drafting of policy documents and Guidelines
  • Project Designs, Developing Concepts
  • Innovations, implementation Frameworks
  • Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks

Information Systems Consultancy

AIMS College undertakes:

  • Structured Analysis / Design Techniques
  • Structured Prototyping
  • Evolutionary Systems and Management
  • Strategic Business / Information Systems Planning

We employ qualified network engineers to design, build and install your network, and we provide a range of products and services – including hardware, software, installation, training and support to make sure that the network you get is the right one for you.

Management Consultancy

Our consultants believe that successful companies of the future will be those that integrate business and employees’ personal value, companies that think a head of their customers and can design quality into service. We are committing ourselves to continuous Professional Development and the study of Management as an area that needs a wider scope of understanding.

  • Zero Based Analysis / Budgeting
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Customer Service Analysis
  • Quality management Systems

Our Management Consultants look at the people issue, systems and training as solutions to most of the managerial challenges companies are experiencing in the 21st century

Human Resource Advisory Services

Aims College of Business and Technology is a specialist in human resource management services. The College undertakes the following HR services:

  • Psychometric testing
  • job evaluations
  • talent management solutions
  • competence assessment
  • workforce analytics
  • workforce optimization and strategy
  • human resources audits and reviews.
  • organizational restructuring and re-engineering.

These consulting services and smart tools allows for flexibility and adaptability for both volatility and growth in economy and organizational structure. Supporting a well-founded strategic approach to ensure that economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s human resource activity is clearly evidenced, reported and enhanced.

Our HR advisory services are available locally directly from our team


Professional Short Courses

Aims College of Business and Technology provides internal training programs based on its core competences. In the recent years it has provided internal training programs at various parastatals, NGOs, SMES among others including National government and County governments. Key training areas include:

  • Audit committees training;
  • Credit control, cash flow and debt management;
  • Gender mainstream and information management;
  • Risk management;
  • Management of donor funded project;
  • Effective supervisory and team building;
  • International financial reporting standard;
  • Talent management and succession planning;
  • Finance committees training;
  • Finance for non-finance managers;
  • Training of trainers;
  • Executive driver’s course;
  • Tax frauds and money laundering;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Effective customer’s service and personal assistants;
  • TQM-ISO certification;
  • Performance management;
  • Ethics, Values and Integrity Development Program for Managers
  • Protocol, Etiquette and Event Management
  • Records management
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • §  Conflict Management and Resolution at The Local Levels
  • Integrated Water Management System; Case of Singapore
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture; Case Study of Brazil
  • Empowering the Liaison Committees at The County Assemblies for Effective Transformative Leadership
  • Devolution and Human Resource Management
  • Women in Leadership
  • Management, Governance and Leadership Excellence
  • The Legislative Process and Effective Bill Drafting
  • Best Practices in Accounting for The Devolved Government