Our Culture

We believe that you cannot have great learning or build a great community without a strong and positive culture. At AIMS College all students, teachers, and staff live and learn by the following six culture principles.
Joy of Learning: We are life-long learners, and we are fueled by curiosity and discovery

  • Greater Together: We constantly support our teammates because we know that we can achieve more together.
  • Always Growing: We constantly seek out difficult challenges, share and receive feedback as a gift, and see every failure as an opportunity to grow.
  • Servant Leadership: Great leaders always put others before themselves and engage their community with humility and generosity. We see leadership as a way of improving the world, not simply promoting ourselves
  • Solutions First: Everything is possible when we are creative and think critically about the problem. We are always thinking of new solutions when faced with difficult challenges
  • High Expectations: We sweat the small stuff and take pride in what we do. We set goals that others think are impossible and never stop until we achieve them.